Our Range of Ripple Simulator systems provide complete, single-box solutions for immunity testing. These include a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator which can crate sine, square, triangle, and/or DC offsets.


These models are 4-quadrant, allowing them to source and sink current. Various models provides continuous DC power starting from 15A; 50A; 100A; 150A & 200A DC .  System provides 4X rated power for in-rush testing up to 200 ms.


Separate system can be created for 115 VAC/230 VAC with surge voltages up to 380 VAC.


These test systems are powerful and provides intelligent EMC test solutions. It can create virtually all waveforms, DC offsets, drop outs and surges needed for EMC tests with rise/ fall times of 1μs or greater and frequencies from DC to 1MHz.   Each waveform segment can have a unique waveform, (sine, square, triangle, and/or DC offset). Frequency, amplitude and DC offset can be clipped, fixed, variable or swept.