Constant Current Pulse Generators for IGNITER; SQUIB; DETONATOR; INITIATORS and other Armament Testing applications

Pyrotechnic Firing Units, Multichannel Safety Ohmmeters & Megohmmeters for Pyrotechnics

Specialist in electronic equipment for pyrotechnic applications, our OEM; Nimtech designs, manufactures and sells firing units for testing and controlling igniters, initiators, detonators, pyromechanisms,  airbags, seatbelts pretensioning systems and all electro-pyrotechnic devices for defence ; Automotive and other testing applications.


EXP 128 – Constant Current Pulse Firing Units – 1 & 2 Channels (5Amps; 10Amps; 25Amps & 40Amps Units)


Designed for testing initiators, detonators, squibs and other pyrotechnic devices.

Constant current pulse pyrotechnic Firing unit 19" 2U rack Versions. These firing units are designed for conformity of Production testing and for development tests in labs.

Typical testing applications includes Squibs; Initiators; Igniters; Detonators; Airbag Gas Generators; Micro Gas Generators for Seatbelts; Pyro switches and Circuit Breakers.


These Units generates a constant current followed by current ramps; these firing Units are built on an innovative design, using the latest technologies, Digital & Fully Remote Controllable.    Integrated 4-wire resistance measurements; Have ability to set the upper and lower threshold test limits to determine resistance faults.  These firing unit devices are equipped with high-performance square current pulse generator with very short rise time (10µSec ) to regulate the energy for UUT. Very short rise time (<10μ sec) without almost any overshoot. Removal of residual static electricity charges by means of discharge circuits in the firing lines.