Products/Meters for: Ultra safe testing on squibs, flares, bridge-wires, detonators and other explosive devices.  These devices offer fail-safe current limiting resistor circuitry to insure that test current cannot exceed 8mAmps

Igniter Tester:-

These are failsafe and portable digital ohmmeter specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on squibs, flares, bridge-wire, and other explosive devices. This safety ohmmeter has been approved by the USAF Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board for usage on all non-nuclear munitions, and independently certified to meet Mil. Std. 810 Mtd. 511 for usage in fuel-filled environments. 


Bonding Ohmmeter :-

These meters are capable of performing bond measurements on a variety of components and metal-to-metal connections. Independently UL-913 certified, ensuries quality & safety at each step of manufacturing. 


Digital Micro-Ohmmeter :-

Micro-Ohmmeter is an affordable 7 range, 4-Wire Kelvin based product that is used to test electrical resistance on a wide variety of applications including winding resistance, contact resistance, and component testing.